​Willie Avendano's "Tamani (aka 143.prt2)" chosen by ICA

For immediate release: 

Willie Avendano's "Tamani (aka 143.prt2)" has been chosen by the curatorial review at the  Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami to participate in “Open Call,” an upcoming exhibition in the Design District. 

“Open Call” is an initiative at ICA that highlights the production of experimental works of art, and opens ICA’s exhibitions and collection to new artists and forms. ICA Miami’s curatorial review committee received and carefully reviewed over 250 submissions from applicants from around the world, and have nominated 10 finalists to be exhibited at the museum.

“We couldn’t be happier to have one of our very own artists chosen to participate in this show,” says &gallery director, Annie Berkowitz. “The piece “143” was a catalyst into our personal exploration into showcasing data-driven art and choosing to take on Willie Avendano as the first artist represented by our gallery.”

 The exhibition will open at ICA Miami on August 21 and continue through September 13, 2015.

 ICA Miami has partnered with III Points Music, Art & Technology Festival 2015, and the Open Call: Web Based Art installation will move from ICA Miami to Mana Wynwood from Oct 9-11, 2015 and be displayed on the main festival grounds as part of the III Points program

 The full list of artists for “Open Call”:

 Andrew Wilson

Damon Zucconi (New York)

Daniel Wilson

Byron Peters

Mike Bode & Takuji Kogo

Hans Bernhard

Dionysia Mylonaki

Willie Avendano (Miami)

Jillian Mayer (Miami)

AdrienneRose (Miami)

Annie Berkowitz