Look Me in the Eye by Eurydice - Opening October 15th!

&gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of works by Eurydice from October 15th—30th, 2016 with an opening reception on Saturday, October 15th from 7-10pm.  The show, Look Me in the Eye is the artist’s first solo exhibition at &gallery consisting of hand-stitched embroidery on paper using hand-dyed thread. The show will feature over 70 pieces that have been in the making since 2012.

As a contrast, Eurydice has chosen embroidery as the medium with which to give expression to our shifting “digital selfie-generation and to the transient multicultural city of Miami and Miami Beach.

During installation, pieces are categorized and prepared to be hung. 

During installation, pieces are categorized and prepared to be hung. 

The artist and gallery have carefully placed the works in the space, bringing together the known minimalistic aesthetic of &gallery and the enduring talents of the artist.

Eurydice and &gallery bring to the foreground an ancient craft depicting modern portraiture.  Embroidery illustrates and outlines, allowing the viewer to fill in the space, reading between the lines. Interpreting and evoking a sense of melancholy, the embroideries on display will bridge high and low aesthetics, public and private stories, formal and pop cultural references into an inclusive and intimate visual poem.

Look Me in the Eye possesses a simultaneously present and underlying relationship with beauty and contemplation.  The artist describes the works as referring to “our cult of physical beauty…idealized inner beauty” and “the lasting beauty that is the goal of all artistic endeavor.”

She continues that the many faces to be displayed will “entertain the public with questions about and speculations” about the identities to be discovered within the series of works.

Eurydice was born on the island of Lesbos and moved to the United States at the age of 15. Her work has been widely exhibited, anthologized and published. She believes art must resist systematization and offer an alternative to efficiency, control, and the forming of average normalcies and foundations. So she switches artistic media in her quest for fluency and freedom. 

She has a BA in creative writing from Bard College, an MA in creative writing from the University of Colorado at Boulder, an MA in comparative literature and an MFA in creative writing from Brown University; she has taught creative writing at Brown University, lived and worked in India, been a staff investigative writer for Spin magazine.

She has published a book of poetry, the novel f/32, and a book of nonfiction, Satyricon U.S.A.: A Journey Across The New Sexual Frontier, published with Scribner.

She currently lives in Miami, Manhattan, and the isle of Crete with her daughter.


Look Me in the Eye will run October 15th – October 30th with an opening reception on Saturday October 15th from 7-10pm with a closing reception and artist talk on Sunday October 30th from 2-5pm. &gallery currently operates by appointment only.  

For additional information or an appointment please contact &gallery Director Annie Berkowitz: 305-985-0222, info@andgallery.net


Annie Berkowitz