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OPENING The Season
Monday, December 4   5—8pm

December 5 – 9  
All other times by appointment

Historically South Florida has been cast as a destination for relaxation, vistas of the Ocean, and subtropical climate. This perception has been built-on over time, arguably since its European encounter of the sixteenth century. Most academic portrayals of the Sunshine State, historical or otherwise, have attempted to assess, analyze and exploit the powerful perception this view summons along side the atypical society, economy, and culture that is subsequently built on these images. These individuals and their cyclic pattern of seasonal migration are often referred to as Snowbirds.

South Florida has of course advanced beyond these traits into the Subtropical Cosmopolitan area we know today. But, from such basic desires the Snowbird lifestyle has continued to exist in Europe and North America for many centuries and even finds its way today into our current political discourse by way of Mar-a-Lago. Trends emerged and the landscape evolved as the affluent maintained seasonal residences and shifted location and business with the seasons, to benefit themselves of the best time to be at each location.

Some of the most historically influential ideas for Snowbirds such as Henry Ford, Thomas Edison were conceived while staying at their winter homes in South Florida. These subtropical Snowbirds aptly named their time here "the season". 

Works from The Season exhibition at &gallery characterize the landscapes and essences of Florida. Vast scenes and plant life in the Florida setting are the focus of the two dimensional works by Jacqueline Roch and Monique Lazard while Jenna Efrain’s sculptures depicting Florida wildlife comment on the  “harmonious co-existence between our own social structures” and the endangerment of certain species as the population of Florida continues to grow. 

Annie Berkowitz